Get access to Dynamics Learning Portal today

We've recently made improvements to the process for getting access to DLP. In fact, we've made it so easy that access to DLP could require just one step! Use the sections below to find out how you can get DLP access today.

Microsoft Partners

Option 1: Partner Center

For the easiest access to DLP for Microsoft Partners, just ensure that you have a Partner Center (PC) account and that your PC account is up to date. If you already have a PC account, log in to DLP with your PC credentials.
Get a Partner Center account >
Log in to DLP with your PC credentials >

Option 2: PartnerSource Business Center

a) For new DLP users:
If you've never used DLP before, we encourage you to access DLP with your Partner Center account. This is the easiest way of gaining access to DLP. Visit Partner Center today to get an account set up there. If you already have a PC account, log in with your PC credentials.

Get a Partner Center account >
Log in to DLP with your PC credentials >

If you are unable to open a PC account or still need to access DLP via an existing PSBC account, please use the steps that apply to existing DLP users.

b) For existing DLP users:
If you still need to get access to DLP via your PSBC account, you must be able to log in successfully to PartnerSource for you to also access DLP successfully. For help with issues logging in to PartnerSource, please contact

Here's how you can get DLP access:
My Company has an ASfP or PSfP agreement >
My Company does not have an ASfP or PSfP agreement >

For ASfP/PSfPs:
Contact your SAM or TAM and ask them to ensure that your new or renewed ASfP or PSfP has been added to your PSBC account. They should work with the Regional Operations Center for your region:

  • (Americas)
  • (Europe Middle East Africa)
  • (Asia Pacific)

PSfP form for TAMs/SAMs

For non-ASfP/PSfPs:
To get access to DLP via PSBC, you must have the following agreements in place in PSBC:

  1. You need a current PRA agreement in place. Work with your Regional Operations Center to renew your PRA if it has expired.
  2. You need a credit account open with PSBC. Work with your Regional Operations Center to open a credit account if you don't have one.
  3. You need a $0 Training Pack. Use the steps below to order a Training Pack.
  4. Access DLP via PartnerSource:
    1. Select Readiness & Training in the main menu.
    2. Select E-learning.
    3. Sign in to DLP using the same credentials you use in PSBC.
Manual Training Pack:
  1. Complete the order form
  2. Submit the order form to the Americas Operations Center via a Service Request.
Online Training Pack:
  1. Click Partner Service Plan Order on the Welcome to Order Central page
    Welcome To Order Central Page
    ***If Partner Service Plan Order is not clickable, your company does not have credit terms with Microsoft Business Solutions (MBS). MBS does not accept credit cards from partners, so all partners need to have credit terms prior to ordering.
  2. After clicking on Partner Service Plan Order, you will be prompted with the Order Header page.
    Order Header Page
  3. Next, select Create Order
  4. You will be prompted with the Partner Services Order Form
  5. Under Select Service Options, please select Dynamics Training Pack (pay per incident)
  6. Click Next
  7. You will then land on the Apply Payment page. Select your payment method On Account
  8. After payment method is selected, save it and in the next page you MUST submit the order
  9. Once the Order has been created, it will be placed on a short hold. It can take up to 2-3 business days before the order is fully completed.
    ***For assistance with orders, please refer to your local Microsoft Regional Operations Center (ROC)
  10. To view your order status, go to PartnerSource:
    1. Select Pricing & Ordering
    2. Select View Order Status

Microsoft Employees

You have access to DLP via your Microsoft employee credentials. If you are not gaining access, your browser may be passing us the wrong credentials. Try cleaning your cache, using an inPrivate or different browser, or restarting your machine.
Log in again >

MCTs and MVPs

Microsoft Certified Trainers (MCTs) and Microsoft Valuable Professionals (MVPs) now have access to DLP through their MCT or MVP certifications. If your MCT/MVP membership is up to date, you should get in to DLP.
Visit the MCT Portal >
Visit the MVP Portal >

Academic Community

The Microsoft Business Applications Academic Community helps institutions of higher education worldwide use Microsoft Dynamics 365 in their curriculum, preparing students with hands-on experience using modern business applications. Educators integrate Dynamics 365 into curriculum to demonstrate thought leadership and increase the overall value of their course offerings. Students prepare for the modern workplace with strong technology skills and real-world experience. Learn more at and contact Academic Community directly at
Educators: Learn More >
Students: Encourage your school to participate >

Other Users

DLP is only available to Microsoft Partners and the other groups listed above. The easiest way to get access to DLP is via an active Microsoft Partner account. If you are not a partner or you're looking for other learning resources, we encourage you to check out Microsoft Learn.